3rd International Conference on Rotor Blades for Wind Turbines

Rotor blades are the core of wind turbines. They determine the
maximum of energy that can be harvested from the wind. Their full
functionality and security against fatigue and degradation has to be
designed and assured for a service life of at least twenty years.
Meanwhile, keeping pace with the rapidly developing market, rotor blade
size is steadily increasing particularly in view of the off-shore
operations. In order to meet the requirements within the framework of
design, development and construction of rotor blades, a comprehensive
knowledge of the specific essentials, e.g. of the outer and inner stresses
and strains, computing and evaluation methods, and material capability and
performance characteristics is imperative. Durable construction and
optimised production technologies, therefore, are just as indispensable
prerequisites for long service intervals, as are the new and yet to be
developed systems for structural health monitoring (SHM) as well as the
identification and elimination of mistakes. Increasingly, new techniques
of automated production are also coming into focus. Only so will will it
be possible to produce the required quantities of requisite quality.

The 3rd International Conference on Wind Turbine Rotor Blades in Essen
will provide an overview of the subject matter pertaining to the complete
life-span of a rotor blade from computing and evaluation methods, material
capability and performance characteristics, to aerodynamics and optimised
production technologies as well as structural health monitoring (SHM),
maintenance, recycling and disposal. New at the third conference will be
the parallel sessions on the second day, which will engage themselves with
such themes as the production and automation of rotor blades, structural
health monitoring (SHM), rotor blades failure and damage, and their
repairs and maintenance. The conference will be held in Essen on

Specialists, under the co-chairmanship of Christoph Kensche (Momentive
Speciality Chemicals GmbH) and Dr. Trappe (Bundesanstalt f

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