This site was setup in 2008 to help people in Ireland, and elsewhere, to build Hugh Piggott design wind turbines. The idea was to have a place where we builders could share our European experience as we face different challenges from the American and Australian builders.

Since then we have had problems with website software and have unfortunately lost some data. We hope it continues into the future as a resource/reference. If you want to help then please share your experience with us or if you are a beginner then please do ask for help.

The site is run by Miriam and Jimmy, we are FETAC qualified trainers and have taught lots of workshops in Ireland and Portugal since 2008. We live off-grid in Leitrim using a home-built turbine and some solar PV (photovoltaic panels). Our business is eirbyte.ie where we sell renewable energy equipment and also web hosting.

It takes money and time to run this site and we try and make some of that money from the ads and affiliate links that are on the site, if you feel like donating some cash to us then that would be appreciated greatly.