Hugh Piggott Workshop 2009 (sort of blog) Day1

The first day.
We have 17 people on the course and one more coming tomorrow. Hugh did a talk in the morning then we had a look at the Crann Óg turbine and had lunch. The second half of the day we got a start made on the 4.8m machine the blades are going to be a lot of work


The big blade intro
Heading to the carving workshop
 The blade blanks were larger than needed so we cut them down with a circular saw
Andy makes start on the frame
The first coil got wound 1.25mm 200 turns
 Drawing BIG circles




Hugh Piggott Workshop 2009 (sort of blog) Workshop Setup

Day 6
We  went to visit Andy and Margaret to see where the new turbine will be going.


Discussing the wiring for the new system
This should be a windy spot, it has good height and is open
 Another view of the proposed site
Robert is making a wish on a wishing tree, the whitethorn or hawthorn tree is the old Celtic pagan wishing tree
Andy’s Bennelli 650 (because Jimmy likes bikes too)





Day 5
We set up the Cran Óg wind powered internet café and now all lost in cyberspace.






Setup Day 4
The sun was out again today and we finished setting up the workshop space.

Welding workshop, the over exposed bits in the photo are unusual here this summer
Hugh arrived in Galway airport now it’s all systems go.
Next update will hopefully be on Monday





Setup Day 3
A better day with the sun shining but some big showers.

The roof got finished on the new space with some help from Toirneach the horse and Shadow dog

We laminated two big planks out of 4×2 red deal with epoxy resin

Using nice big clamps

We ended up with 4 blanks for a 4.8m turbine. On the right is a set of blades for a 4.2m machine a bit hard to see. And in the middle is a cedar blank for a 2.4m turbine.

Wind Turbine Workshops March 2009

The March 2009 Wind Turbine Workshop

We built a 2.4m wind Turbine see a wee film on it here.

This is some feedback we got from one of the participants.

Thanks for everything over the last couple of weeks.The course was absolutely fantastic. We both could not believe the amount we learned, how informative the course was, that we were allowed to do so much, and how enjoyable it was. I will send on the pictures on a disc later in the week and feel free to use whatever you like. Hopefully we will be able to return shortly and build the 4200, and I will call to discuss that with you shortly.Again thanks for a great time…Talk soon…Keep it simple…Brian