Workshop in Enniskeen Co Cork

18th to the 25th August 2019

We will make a wind turbine from scratch to Hugh Piggott’s design.
It is an excellent opportunity for participants to learn a variety of
skills. The turbines we build are ideal for those who are interested
in building their own wind power systems from scratch for just for

Spaces are limited so book early

Course cost €500

7 days Tuition, Lunch and dinner.

For more information and to book a place
Contact: Brian O Callaghan

Windempowerment maintenance manual

This 3rd maintenance manual from Windempowerment includes preventative and corrective maintenance according to common issues .

Based on the experience of WE-members from around the world. It takes into account environmental factors influencing maintenance needs, a list of the tools that you need to perform, the maintenance steps, more detailed maintenance procedures, troubleshooting, a check list and finally a crash page with stories of what went wrong at different SWT installation sites.

Free PDF download
(Donations are also welcome.)