Putting It All Back Together

Hi folks, we were back Crann Og today, Saturday October 18, full crew consisted of Flor and Marion, Dinger, Sean, Niall, Jimmy and Miriam. After a lazy breakfast we set about putting things back together, having first admired the great paint job that Flor did. First was the new bearing and then fitting the stator and rotors, using the jacking screws to lower the rotor and ensuring that all the gaps are even.

Next we brought the blades back outside to put them together, using the identification marks to ensure that the blades were in the right order with each other. Dinger and Flor went around with the tape measure until we had the required distance between the tips and then it was out with battery screwdrivers, three of them, to fix the blades in place.

Back into the workshop to fix the tail to the tail frame and then after a coffee break it was time to bring everything into the field, using the tractor again to carry the alternator. It seemed easier this time round to fix the body of the turbine to the mast, using a little gentle persuasion (a 2×3) and then fix the blades, Niall measured the blade tips from the horizontal to ensure the best position.

Dinger and Jimmy raised the mast and the colours looked great even in the cloudy conditions, all went smoothly and she was spinning as soon as the brake was thrown, sounding lovely, a gentle roar when the wind picked up.

Tomorrow we are expecting winds up to 110kmph! That should test her out – the tirfor is still attached so there might be a pyjama party in the field if the winds come earlier and heavier than expected!

We’ll let ye know…

Update 25/10/08
Surviving well and producing plenty of power we are going back in a week or so and will give a full report then.