Ballinamore Day 2

Ballinamore Day 2

Today we made the magnet rotor molds and jig and the mold for the stator. We also got the magnet rotors drilled out a two of the blade are finished on one side and marked up for the next stage one of the blades has some nasty knots and is slower to carve.

Cutting out the magnet rotor jig
Cutting out the magnet rotor jig

Drilling the rotors
Drilling the magnet rotors

Making molds
Making the magnet rotor molds

Marking blades
Marking the back of the blades 


Hugh Piggott Workshop 2009 (sort of blog) Day6

Day 6

Again nice sunshine and a gentle breeze we got a peak output of 500w and an average of 100w over 3 hours.


The crew Left to Right
Niall, James, Josie, Trevor, Greer, Joe, Andy, Jimmy (hidden), Graham, Brendan, John, Trevor, Robert, Patrick, Colin, Paddy, Colm, Enda
Inset Mary and Paddy who had to leave early and missed seeing the turbine up in the air

Where people came from

The blades are carefully carried to the site

Joe securing the wire coming through the mast to ensure that it does not disappear

The blades are now in place and the tail is on

Looking good!

There she goes, on the way up

Wow, it looks good!

Andy and Margaret admiring the turbine which will be going to their site

The finished product, a weeks work for the crew on Crann Og Workshop 09