Hugh Piggott Workshop 2009 (sort of blog) Day2

Day 2
Lots done today

Niall doing some cross cuts the really fast way, the rest was chiseled out
Here you can see some cross cuts being done with a hand saw and the chiseling has started on the chainsawed blade
Quite a bit of progress has been made here
The welding is underway
The finsihed yaw bearing
Metalwork finished so far
Some coils are wound
The magnet jig is finished

Hugh Piggott Workshop 2009 (sort of blog) Day1

The first day.
We have 17 people on the course and one more coming tomorrow. Hugh did a talk in the morning then we had a look at the Crann Óg turbine and had lunch. The second half of the day we got a start made on the 4.8m machine the blades are going to be a lot of work


The big blade intro
Heading to the carving workshop
 The blade blanks were larger than needed so we cut them down with a circular saw
Andy makes start on the frame
The first coil got wound 1.25mm 200 turns
 Drawing BIG circles