Feed In Tariffs for renewable energy

The British Department of Energy and Climate Change intends to reward generators of renewable energy – Solar, Wind, Hydro etc – with a guaranteed price for the electricity they produce: the Feed In Tariff. This will come into effect in April 2010.

However the regulations will be such that that owners of self-built renewable energy systems will be excluded from these rewards even though these are the very people who pioneered home produced electricity.

To assure a fair reward for these green pioneers, please sign the petition to 10 Downing St

The situation is similar here in Ireland and I wish our nabours the best with this and admire their ability to stand ip for themselfs. So we wil try and get somthing organised here in the next week or so and see waht our boys do !! Youd think it would be easy with the green party in power at the moment.

So if you have any ideas on it get in touch with us through our contact page

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