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    As an overview it looks like any sourse of microgeneration can apply to be grid connected as long as
    “the equipment used to form the interface between the generator and the electricity network must be of a type previously approved by ESB networks” (see page 5 of http://www.seai.ie/Publications/Renewables_Publications/consumer_microgen_brochure.pdf)


    \”ESB Networks have no function in qualifying equipment or installers, however, to facilitate provision of information on qualifying equipment and installers to electricity customers who wish to avail of the tariff, Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI)\” (See http://www.esb.ie/esbnetworks/en/generator-connections/micro_gen_connections.jsp)

    We are then directed to


    where it all falls to pot. Wind turbines need CE marking, Safety design standards conformity, noise emission standards, performance standards,installation manaulas, O&M manauls and manufacturer provided traing.

    Has anyone managed to connect a home build turbine to the Irish grid using fully CE certified grid tie-in invertes with high spec. isolalation and safety shutdowns?

    Has any one researched the generic certification of wind turbine plans ,performance standards, installation manaulas, O&M manauls and manufacturer provided training which would then have to be self evalualed and issued with a certificatate of conformity by the home builder?

    The things that keep me awake at night!!!



    MMM red tape B) A man that did the workshop with us in Gort 2008 has built a 4.2m machine and has just got it up and running with a windyboy, he applied to the ESB to install an import-export meter.

    Thats all I know about it at the moment but it is only by trying that we can get things moving.

    I was on boards.ie to see if there was info but there seems to be a lot negative people and opinionated moderators that don\’t understand home made wind turbines they only alienate people and thats no help.

    Thanks Tomo for starting this thread, the more info we have the better.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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