Hugh Piggott Workshop 2009

How to build a wind turbine A workshop course with Hugh Piggott
at Crann Og, Gort, Co Galway, 7th – 12th September 2009

After a very successful workshop at Crann Og in 2008 Hugh Piggott, was here for another wind turbine building course.

Hugh Piggott, designer, author and world renowned expert on wind power, is leading a six day course in which the participants learn as much as they are personally capable of learning about small wind turbine design and construction. Hugh’s workshop courses take place around the globe. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn hands-on skills and really take part in building a wind-turbine with the guidance and experience of a great teacher. Visit Hugh’s web site at

The Workshop:
Each day, a modest amount of theoretical introduction will lead to workshop sessions with opportunities to gain hands-on experience of carving wooden blades, winding coils and fitting magnets into purpose built alternators for windpower, wiring, fabrication, erection and all aspects which can be covered as time allows. Participants who bring their own ideas and materials to the course will be welcomed and given assistance where possible.
Where participants have brought the materials, they will be able to take the complete (or partially complete) components (blades’ alternators etc.) home with them.

The purpose:
The Build Your Own Wind Turbineā€ workshop course is designed to inspire, empower and inform participants who wish to build small wind turbines; to cater for people from all backgrounds, age-groups, nationalities and educational levels; to provide some basic theoretical understanding, and to develop the necessary workshop skills and confidence to enable participants to undertake small wind turbine construction projects safely. Previous workshop experience and/or knowledge of tools is an advantage but is by no means necessary, relevant workshop skills will be taught at whatever level is required and everyone works at their own pace. Participants are encouraged to take part in all the various workshop activities, whatever their level of experience, this leads to a better understanding of all the processes.

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