New Wind Turbine Installation

On Sunday the 21st of March we installed the new 3.1 metre wind turbine at our place in Leitrim. It was built on the February course in Ballinamore and we also displayed it in the st Patrick’s day parade in Ballinamore.

Wind Turbine Parts
Some parts ready for assembly (the coils are in the stator, the green bit)

Wind turbine alternator
On with the stator

Wind turbine alternator
Here the outside magnet rotor is being eased down with the jacking bolts

Lifting a wind turbine

Wind turbine in Leitrim
Flying over Leitrim

another shot of a wind turbine in Leitrim Ireland
We still needed to adjust the mast at this stage

Nice shot of a wind turbine

We had a nice bit of wind and saw over 7 amps later that evening, the wind picked up to a nice strong gale and continued all night we got a wee video the next day of the turbine furling. It’s working well, peaking at 50 amps and furling nicely. Thanks to Bob and Muiris for the help.


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