Open Source” R&D platform launched

WindEmpowerment has launched the “Open Source” R&D platform !

Here we collectively setup research projects with volunteers that contribute to make the turbines more attractive to setup in remote area’s.
We have currently 4 active proposals and 2 active projects published on the site. These can be respectively found at:
The platform is setup to ensure that:
– We keep it simple
– We can get an overview of our different technical competences and contact the right people when needed.  
– We can reflect collectively at a proposal and make sure upfront we are doing the right thing with the best approach.
– We will start with the right commitment and clarified expectations among team members of a project.
A short introductory movie that guides you through the works can be found at:
If you feel like joining, please make sure you register at:
and fill in the who-is-who form that can be found at:

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