The Turbines


On each of our workshops we build one wind turbine to a design by Hugh Piggott of Scoraigwind.

The turbines come in six different sizes of blade diameter.

Turbine diameter mm 1200
Mean wind speed 3 m/s 5 kWh 12 kWh 22 kWh 34 kWh 49 kWh 67 kWh
Mean wind speed 4 m/s 14 kWh 30 kWh 54 kWh 85 kWh 122 kWh 166 kWh
Mean wind speed 5 m/s 23 kWh 53 kWh 93 kWh 146 kWh 210 kWh 286 kWh
Mean wind speed 6 m/s 33 kWh 74 kWh 131 kWh 205 kWh 296 kWh 402 kWh
Mean wind speed 7 m/s 41 kWh 92 kWh 164 kWh 256 kWh 369 kWh 502 kWh

Estimated monthly energy production at different mean windspeeds in meters per second.

Making a wind turbine is not as difficult as you might have imagined. These turbines are designed to be built using fairly basic tools & equipment and the skills needed are taught on the workshop. All tools are supplied during the workshop so there is no need to bring your own tools unless you wish to.

The blades are hand carved from wood to a precise aerodynamic design (not as hard as it sounds).
The alternator is made from Neodymium magnets and enamelled copper wire encased in resin.
And the frame that holds it all together is made from welded steel.

Each day, a modest amount of theoretical introduction will lead to workshop sessions with opportunities to gain hands-on experience of carving wooden blades, winding coils and fitting magnets into purpose built alternators, wiring, fabrication and all aspects which can be covered as time allows.

These courses are to teach you how to build a windturbine, so please do not expect that you will go home with a completed windturbine.

Before you phone or email or sign up for a workshop please have a good look around the website, there are lots of photos and some videos.

Also visit Hugh’s website and learn as much as you can.