Wind Turbine Building Workshop Braganca Portugal

We just finished a wind turbine building workshop near the village of Gimonde in the district of Braganca North Eastern Portugal.

Wind-Turbine-Workshop-Braganca-portugal-01Here is the crew in front of the 2.4m turbine

We built a 2.4m 12v turbine for the workshop organisers CoraNE


Wind-Turbine-Workshop-Braganca-portugal-02Making the coil winderWind-Turbine-Workshop-Braganca-portugal-03Winding coils

Wind-Turbine-Workshop-Braganca-portugal-05Wind-Turbine-Workshop-Braganca-portugal-06We worked in the veranda of the function room at an agri-tourism location, a working farm – Quinta das Covas, with holiday apartments, restaurant, bar, pool and a flock of sheepWind-Turbine-Workshop-Braganca-portugal-07Winding the coilsWind-Turbine-Workshop-Braganca-portugal-08Although this is Portugal the temperatures were about 2degrees and very chilly in the shade so we often carried the workbenches out into the sunshine to work. We used local pine wood for the blades, some knots however pretty good wood for carving.Wind-Turbine-Workshop-Braganca-portugal-09Rotor timeWind-Turbine-Workshop-Braganca-portugal-11Soldering the coilsWind-Turbine-Workshop-Braganca-portugal-12Getting the moulds readyWind-Turbine-Workshop-Braganca-portugal-10Cutting out the islandsWind-Turbine-Workshop-Braganca-portugal-13Wind-Turbine-Workshop-Braganca-portugal-14Action stations!Wind-Turbine-Workshop-Braganca-portugal-15Wind-Turbine-Workshop-Braganca-portugal-16Placing the coils in the mould, some resin is already in the mouldWind-Turbine-Workshop-Braganca-portugal-17Pouring the resinWind-Turbine-Workshop-Braganca-portugal-18The blades are getting nicely carved downWind-Turbine-Workshop-Braganca-portugal-19The paparazzi have found us again – RTP, one of Portugal’s four tv stations came to have a chat with the workshop participantsWind-Turbine-Workshop-Braganca-portugal-20Wind-Turbine-Workshop-Braganca-portugal-21You can see the flock of sheep grazing in the background, ironically near the garden bar-b-que. The sheep are accompanied by a shepherd all day as they wander around the groundsWind-Turbine-Workshop-Braganca-portugal-22Drilling the four holes for the hub in the blade assemblyWind-Turbine-Workshop-Braganca-portugal-23Nice tail, it’s an oak leaf, the emblem for CoraNE, the organisation who put the workshop together


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