Windempowerment maintenance manual

This 3rd maintenance manual from Windempowerment includes preventative and corrective maintenance according to common issues .

Based on the experience of WE-members from around the world. It takes into account environmental factors influencing maintenance needs, a list of the tools that you need to perform, the maintenance steps, more detailed maintenance procedures, troubleshooting, a check list and finally a crash page with stories of what went wrong at different SWT installation sites.

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Save Our Planet Awards

We are very excited to have been nominated for the Save Our Planet Awards.

These awards are in their second year and it means a lot to us to be nominated for an award that is focused om environmental issues.  Many people know us as the “windmill people” because we have been teaching people to build their own wind turbines since 2007. We have taught many courses in our local area of Co. Leitrim and have also been teaching further afield – both in Co Kilkenny and Portugal our next workshop in in Lisbon in January.

So pop on over to vote for us in the Save Our Planet Awards. If we are successful then more people will hear about home built wind turbines.